Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Should there be a Presidential Black Agenda?

Brehs, times are hard.

If you're anything like me, you've probably been unemployed for at least a little bit during the past few years. President Obama takes a lot of heat regarding the economy, some of it fair (his extension of the Bush Tax Cuts) and some of it unfair (inheriting one of the worst economies in U.S. history).

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nkas in Trader Joe's

dat sh*t cray

Brehs, attend. This post is gonna hurt my heart, but I'm doing it anyway. I just hope that none of my former duct tape, ski mask, pistol under the pillow associates come across this blog.  

*Throws North Memphis Vet card on the ground*

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ayo If you still got those Rihanna nudes...[talent]

Hit a breh up.


We Stay Losin' [video]

Now here this no-neck fuckass goes with the same shit V-nasty (and by extension, Mistah F.A.B.) was on. Breh, just cuz you pal around with rappers don’t mean you can be on the same stuff they on. YOU ARE NOT A NEGRO. A lot of NEGROES don't even like the word because of all the sharp historical and cultural connotations it has, something that somebody like him, who is not black, would never understand. What the fuck, who told these people it was okay to do this?

He thinks like this because the cats he kicks it with gave him a pass, look at all of the people who "Don't give a fuck" about these repeated instances.

A Breh Wants to Know: Have you ever given a non-black a pass to say the N-word around you? What made you decide to hand the only white dude in the hood a pass? Did/does it bother you?

Appreciate that, Tigallo

What up brehs,

This is something new, a section of the internet dedicated to the working (in between working?) breh all over the world. Or, at least in my own little section of the world.

All praises unto Mr. Coleman, otherwise known as Phonte. I'm riding down the street listening to Charity Starts at Home (which, IMO is the best album of 2011), and was struck with the idea of a blog that hits closer to what's important to me.

Since I'm on my grown man shit, my blog should reflect that too, no?

Don't expect a lot from a nigga though, Niggas got jobs, b (Or not. #kanyeshrug.)

Meanwhile, y'all seen this shit? One of the many OF bangers, which I had no idea there was a video to:

I'm out b, (c) @PoRatchetTeacha