Thursday, October 6, 2011

#iMourn over more than Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs went on, brehs. Collevtive America is sighing and crying, so much so that they forgot about that white girl who killed that other white girl but got off. That's my official name for that shady ass sh*t, if you follow me on twitter and see me use that #TWGWKTOWGAGO hashtag, know what the business is.

But yeah, Steve Jobs has gone on to that big app store in the sky. Unfortunately, though, so has Derrick Bell, critical race theorist and the beneficiary of may of my years of undergraduate study. Derrick Bell wrote the controversial "Faces at the Bottom of the Well" and the short story The Space Traders, a movie that I urge all of you to watch. In fact, here you go:

Don't ever say I haven't done anything for you.

Also a victim of October 5th, the Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, right hand main man to Dr. Martin Luther King. HuffPost wrote a really good remembrance article here.

Two extremely influential men, equally as important as Steve Jobs passed on yesterday, with little fanfare from most media. It's up to us to make sure these men are remembered as the giants that they are, brehs.

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