Saturday, October 1, 2011

They see me rollin'


First off, brehs, I was gonna apologize for having yall waiting so long on this post....but then I decided against it. Y'all aint paying my bills or nothing. If you wanna come and do this literature review for a nka tho, holla at a breh.

Now, to business.

This is the era of Haters and Trolls, and anybody who has a dissenting or unpopular opinion often gets thrown in one of those two boxes. You can't really gripe about anything anyone else likes (especially on these interwebs) without someone making a stake and trying to burn you at it.

Sometimes, though, there are some things you just dislike because the devil is in it and it ain't capable of no good.

Like, for example: I despise descriptions of dishes on menus. My thing is, if you tell me you have a "freshly-caught side of ahi, pan-seared to perfection and sprinkled with honey butter and herbs" and you bring me out a goddamn salmon croquette....well, I'm gonna be a little pissed. You're never supposed to play with a fat black man's food, breh.

Another thing I hate: Wale.


Why? The nka doesn't look like he washes well enough. I ain't never heard a dirty nka use the word ambition so much. Plus, the lil' dusty mf is blocking Pill's MMG shine. Back up and let my breh Pill get a little elbow room. And put some lotion on your elbows while you at it.

I hate the sh*t outta golf. Most useless sport on earth, in my opinion. When I see golf on my TV, I just start hitting people with a belt. And when Tiger got caught up messing with Applebee's waitresses....well, the little interest I had went all the way out the window.

My (borderline) rabid dislike of these things, among other stuff, can get me placed in a box with "Hater" written on the front in black sharpie. That's cool, tho. I'm confident with mine.

A Breh Wants to Know: What are some things that you severely dislike for no really good reason? 

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