Monday, October 10, 2011

Today Show Talent

Salute, brehs.

I'm a man of simple pleasures. One of those pleasures is watching the news. Call me masochistic, but I need to know what's going on in the world. How else am I going to know when the Space Traders arrive to scoop a breh up?

I watch local news, but the program I enjoy the most is the Today Show. I like Matt Lauer, and I like to see the side eyes that Al Roker gives to his co-hosts in his rare fits of black man curmudgeon-ness. Lately, I've been noticing the immense amount of sheer talent [1] that exists on the show, and makes it a pleasure to watch. Just make sure my wife doesn't see this post, will you brehs?

1. Mara Schiavocampo

Mara is baddddd, I just recently noticed her on the show. The producers make sure to only show her from the neck up, and it's just really sad that the average morning news viewer can't appreciate the thickness that obviously exists there. but I do, Mara. I do. If she wanted to send me any amount of her bathwater, I'd be all the way down, fam.

2. Tamron Hall

Tamron is classically gorgeous, and I know at least one other cast member who notices how fine she is *Cough* Al Roker *Cough* Add to that that she knows how to get the job done in interviews, and the fact that she has a laugh that must be made of fairy wings and Aphrodite's pubic hair, and you have one of my favorite Today show correspondents of all time. 

3. Lilia Luciano

Yum-O, brehs. Lilia has that Firestar thing going on. It's rare to see her on the show, but when she's there, it's like lucking up on a three for a dollar Chimay sale.

4. Ann Curry

Ann is a lot older than she looks (54!), but that doesn't diminish the fact that she's f*cking bad as sh*t. Not only is she pretty, but she has that weird little goofy factor going for her, something that a breh like me can appreciate.

5. Amy Robach
I don't know a whole lot about Amy, except that a video exists featuring her and Tamron's fine asses.

[1] Talent - an especially attractive woman or group of women.

A Breh Wants to Know: Have you seen any news anchors that are really bad, sexy, gorgeous? Share 'em with a breh, I appreciate good talent.

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