Thursday, November 10, 2011

Skyrim Release Quotes

Welp, pour some out on the curb for my social life.

I'm get outta here so fast I leave a Black Breh shaped cloud of smoke. But before that, what do y'all think happens when you get about 70 hyper, intelligent, excited, axe-body spray drenched man-children in a small space and make them wait up to an hour to leave the premises with their purchases?

That's right. You get quotables.

What follows here are the top quotes of the night from last night's Midnight Release, statements either so weird or funny that I couldn't help but to post them here. So, while I'm waiting on the game data to install, here you go:

5. "God, my balls are so sweaty."
    "As is my ice cream."

4. "Dude, why don't more hot girls play Skyrim? They can come here and we can quest together."
    "What about that girl?"
    "Dude, don't. I will disown you."

3. Two minutes! (In reference to the fact that many people had been waiting more than an hour to leave the store, and frustrations were mounting.)

2. "You see that, dawg! I be on my grizzly!" (A man's jubilant self-praise after clearing a particularly difficult section of the demo.

And, what is possible the weirdest/saddest/funniest quote of the night:

This is probably the best night of my life, and it will not be surpassed until the birth of my firstborn child...or the release of another Elder Scrolls game.

Did any of y'all go to midnight release?

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