Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marvin's Day!

What up, brehs?

Was having an impromptu early moring convo with one of my homeboys, and he reminded me that it's Marvin's Day today! Now, several reviews of the album already exist, because most people got the album sometime last week.

This isn't a review, though. Nor is it an attempt from me to slander Drake. Too easy.

Nah brehs, this is a revelation.

On Take Care, there is a track aptly named "Lord Knows". Rick Ross is on it, lying about his gangstapades, but generally just rapping well, and Drake is mumbling something about going through some woman's purse, presumably because it matches his top and he wants to steal it. However, overshadowing all of this is the Just Blaze produced beat that probably was used to herald the formation of the Universe, then stricken from memory because it was too epic to allow exist.

Now, in order to listen to this beat you have to close one ear, or else your brain will melt from your ears.

See what I mean?

This is obviously the beat that inspired this picture:

This is what was playing on David's ipod when he slung his rock at Goliath. This was blasting in the background when Erik Lensherr climbed out of the mass graves at Auschwitz. Snippets of this beat played when CERN discovered the God Particle, each time chunks of matter smashed into each other.

A Breh Wants to Know: Have you purchased Take Care yet? What do you think of it? 

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