Saturday, December 3, 2011


Still deep in the midst of finals, but I had to break my self-imposed exile to comment on Herman Cain's totally unexpected announcement to suspend his bid for the 2012 presidency following allegations that he supported a whole 'nother side chick while he was married to Miss Gloria. (Don't you feel like you should call his wife 'Miss Gloria'? I do.)

First, why did he choose to support this chick? She has that J. Cole victim-face thing going on.

Second, whyyyyyy did Cain decide to ruin my entire internet on Saturday telling us that he was stepping out of the race when I already knew he would when this lady's allegations surfaced?

C'mon, son.

Y'all knew as much as I did, no matter how much America rallied behind Cain, he stood absolutely zero chance of making it anywhere near the White House, much less out of the primaries. Aside from the fact that he's blacker than all hell but decided to run a "post racial" campaign that only led to his authenticity as a black person being compared to Obama's, his debate performances were atrocious, and he has a tenuous understanding of foreign policy or economic strategy.

Really, I'm just mad at all of these MF's for wasting my time. 

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